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Marrial status:

Married couples:

- Preferably with a sterility certificate and having no childrens.

- Being married for 5 years.

NOTE: Adoption procedures in India are not recommended to those families with two or more children. In these cases, ask for information at the ECAI.


- Single, widow or divorced women up to 45 years old.

- Homosexual couples are not allowed to adopt in this country.


Married applicants:

The sum of the spouses’ age cannot exceed 90 years, taking into account that the eldest spouse should not be older than 55 at the time of assignment and the youngest spouse should be older than 30.

This requirement may be mitigated in exceptional cases, as in the case of adopting older children or children with special needs. Anyway, none of the spouses can be older than 55.

Single-parent applicants:

- Single, widow or divorced women should be younger than 45 at the time of assignment and they should preferably accept a child aged up to 7 years old..

- The age gap between parent and child should be of, at least, 21 years.

Second adoptions:

- A second adoption in this country is only accepted when the first adoption is accomplished in our country.



  1. Work certificate (company, category, seniority, annual income)

  2. Marriage certificate (international model)

  3. Properties and assets certificate

  4. Income Tax Certificate for the last 3 years.

  5. Bank references (a model is provided)

  6. Medical certificate about physical and mental health

  7. It is recommended to include a certificate of sterility, if appropriate.

  8. Certificate of penal records

  9. Certificate of compliance with the requirements to accept a foreign child into Spain with the purposes of adoption


1. Letter expressing your motivation for adoption addressed to the orphanage. If the family has children, it should also be stated.

2. Three recommendation letters certifying that you are suitable to adopt a child.

Statements and commitments:

1.- Notarial statement about the applicant’s health.

2.- Notarial deed applying for the custody of an Indian child.

3.- Certificate granting that the child will be legally adopted in Spain in less than 2 years.

4.- Notarial statement about the family’s commitment to bring up and maintain the child in accordance with the family’s means.

5.- Notarial statement about the family’s commitment to pay the child’s maintenance costs and adoption expenses, as established by the corresponding magistrate.


These statements and commitments shall be written in English and they should be included in one single document. Balbalika will provide the applicants with a model document. It should be authenticated by a notary by showing the document and authenticating its signatures.




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