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  • India gives priority to national adoptions:

    • It means that CARA and the Indian Government give the following priority order when assigning a neglected child:

      • Search for biological parents

      • Adoption by an Indian family (living in India or abroad or foreign families with Indian origins)

      • International adoption

The percentage of national adoptions should be 50% for children aged 0 to 6 years old. This percentage does not apply to children older than 6, to groups of siblings, to handicapped children or to children with special needs. These children can be immediately assigned in international adoption.

  • Families should be aware that children may present some kinds of recoverable special needs.

The Indian Government gives importance to this type of adoptions. Families can check the characteristics of special needs this link.


  • Groups of siblings cannot be divided, except exceptional cases.


  • Unrelated children cannot be proposed to a foreign family within the same adoption process.


  • Children are taken to the orphanage if:

      • Their relatives directly renounce to them

      • They are abandoned somewhere

      • They are found in the street


  • Children given in international adoption in India are mainly older than 4. Balbalika accepts only a limited number of adoption applications for children aged 2 to 4 years old. The minimum age of adopted children in this country is 2. The maximum age of adopted children is 12.